I swear, this thing is deliberately screwing with me.

Okay, I keep my files on a memory card so I don’t have to move them back and forth all the time when I change computers. I did a bunch of work on my laptop, but then I wanted to switch to desktop because reasons–partly including printing. And when I open it up, it says everything is read only. Every file I open is the same. So I try about three different ways of changing the file permissions, and it won’t let me. Finally, I unmount it then remount, and it tells me it’s a read-only filesystem. I do the same thing over again, and it tells me read-only. So I unmount it, pull the disk out, and move the little slider–I think that thing is supposed to make it write-protected or something. Tells me the same thing. So I pull it out again, but the slider back into the old position, and plug it back in. Now it’s no longer read-only, but it tells me the file I want to edit–and only the file I want to edit–is corrupted. I run fsck twice and it finds two problems, which I tell it to fix.  Nothing happens.  I run fsck again, same thing, and nothing happens.  I copy the files to my desktop, try a few different ways of opening the file, and all I get is gibberish. So then I do something really crazy.  I start my computer up in windows.

I run check disk under windows, and just to be sure I defragment the volume. I open it in Windows and it is fine. Good. So I restart in Linux (I mean, I have windows on my computer but I’m not really crazy) and everything checks out. I even open the supposedly corrupted file that I copied before and even that one is fine. What the hell? Why was I having a heart attack just now? What even happened?

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2 Responses to I swear, this thing is deliberately screwing with me.

  1. That sounds bad. Definitely save a copy somewhere else, just in case.

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