So, been a while since my last entry, huh?  Well, my life has slowed down a lot.  I pulled out of this half-term, since my classes didn’t contribute to my major at all.  Or to the thing I’m considering having as a minor.

Something cool did happen last week, though.  I finally got my major switched to Latin.  I told him–my new advisor–that I was thinking of becoming an instructor, and he said I needed to go to career services.  I think that’s when my advising hold will be lifted, but I am definitely a Latin major now.  Hooray me!  And with my new free time, I can study it again.  Which is good, because I need a review of literally everything.  Well, want one.  My class spring semester was actually a little too easy.  I never studied but still got a B, so I wasn’t really being challenged.  Not like I was this past semester (still got a B in that one, though! *commence embarrassing victory dance*).  I didn’t say why I wanted to be an instructor, though.  I want a day job that’ll let me think about and talk about Latin.  In case I want to do something with my life apart from having a day job.  Also, Latin is interesting, so an excuse to do Latin that I will get paid for would be ideal.

Still, what I have done mostly is focus on listening to music and rewrite the first part of my story.  Also, made some really good spicy spaghetti sauce.  My parents are gallivanting about the coast right now, and my youngest sister is the only one staying in the house with me.

I’m also going into the guilt.  I am unemployed, and not taking any classes during the second half of summer semester, so I’m obviously a bad person.  And I’m hearing more and more that my long hair isn’t the barrier I think it is.  Well, maybe.  That would be a good thing.  I live in a rather conservative area, even if we do have a college.  I am consistently the male person with the longest hair in any of my classes.  I’ve been addressed as a woman by people who were staring straight at my beard.  And what if they bring up football?  So I dunno.  Perhaps it’s worth a shot.  It’ll have to be eventually, unless I move out of state.  Preferably to the coast.  At least then I’ll be able to meet one or two people who don’t hate seafood.

I’ve been thinking of some really old memories from my childhood.  Usually when I get sucked into a wormhole to the past, it’s something bad that happened.  But I’m thinking about beaches and sea water, fireworks, crabcakes.  I have had some really good things happen to me in my life.

And I have to wonder, really, is there any point in looking for a journal to submit my story to once it’s finished?  I rarely know more than one person in meatspace (new term for in real life, much prefer it actually) at least where it doesn’t get awkward and weird whenever we’re around each other, and that’s really the best place to have people go over your work.  At least it’s less of an imposition when you print it out yourself, and say, “Here, would you take this pen and throw mercy to the winds, please?  It would really help me if you did.”  Not to mention, it’s only the first story I’ve ever written, and there are so many benefits to having practiced something, and I have literally none of those.  Perhaps it would be best to just throw it at the internet and beg for flagellation.  Right now, the whips and chains of my literary adventures are just me talking myself into and out of different things.  There is sort of a consistent pattern, though, and I do feel it’s moving in a positive direction.  Even though I’m still fridging one of my characters.  *facepalm*

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  1. Yes: you should try to find a home for your story. (The one that I never wrote back to you about because I am worthless like that… x_x)

    • I will take a look then. Which means I will have to start reading a LOT of short fiction. (and you’re not worthless)

      • is a good site to look at to find links to publications…idk how easy to navigate it is these days, as it’s been a while since I’ve used it. (I know…I just feel bad when I get behind on my letters or when I don’t do a thing that I said I would. Or both. But I will read over it again once I am back from vacation.)

      • Okay. Thank you 🙂

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