Just finished my half-term class.  Man oh man, I am never doing that again.  I am so exhausted.  It was an interesting and exciting class, but it just went by too fast.  Way too fast.  Withdrew from the other half-term I was going to attend.  So now, instead of a three-day weekend, I have summer vacation.  I am going to spend it developing my fictional universe, and maybe even actually writing.  Well, no, I am definitely going to be writing.  I just reviewed my instructor’s comments on my second draft, and I’m very encouraged.  I’ve also been rethinking some things, and instead of just adding things, which as a packrat I want to do way too much of, I’m also going to take some things out.  At least one character who never appears on screen is just totally random and unnecessary.  And I can simplify the technology they use to travel to other universes without losing anything.  There’s a few vestiges of ideas that I never bothered developing because they didn’t work for the story, but I didn’t cut them out all the way because I never throw anything away ever.  And there’s a couple of things that don’t work precisely because they aren’t developed enough.  Like the villain, and the daughter.

Also, I think I’m going to translate the Odyssey and maybe the Iliad.  Not this summer, obviously, but some day.  Which means I will have to learn Greek.  Terrifying prospect, but it must be done.  The fate of the humanities depends on it!

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