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What I dream.  I dream about having friends.  I dream about not being able to do things with friends.  I dream about travelling far away.  I dream about looking for something and not finding it.  I dream about a photo … Continue reading

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I swear, this thing is deliberately screwing with me.

Okay, I keep my files on a memory card so I don’t have to move them back and forth all the time when I change computers. I did a bunch of work on my laptop, but then I wanted to … Continue reading

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So, been a while since my last entry, huh?  Well, my life has slowed down a lot.  I pulled out of this half-term, since my classes didn’t contribute to my major at all.  Or to the thing I’m considering having … Continue reading

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Just finished my half-term class.  Man oh man, I am never doing that again.  I am so exhausted.  It was an interesting and exciting class, but it just went by too fast.  Way too fast.  Withdrew from the other half-term … Continue reading

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