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Ahh, finally we’re reading Vergil, the whole reason I took this class anyway.  And it’s translated by Sarah Rudd, a wonderful, clear writer who communicates the original sense of each line in genuine modern English.  If we can get her … Continue reading

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I still dream about him, you know.  The fat bastard. He wasn’t in the dream at first, though.  Just at the end.  The first thing I remember is going to the mall for some strange article of clothing.  Strange to … Continue reading

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I find myself in the embarrassing situation that the most recent post on here is just me being butthurt about having to read a lousy translation.  So now I’m going to mention Richard Hunter’s translation of Jason and the Golden … Continue reading

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O Richard Lattimore, my heart o’erfloweth with love for thee

My mind is a little bit drained right now.  This translator is so damn weird.  I keep seeing “nor” without “neither” or even so much as a “not” in the previous clause.  As in, “he went forward, nor did he … Continue reading

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