Hooray, got my laptop.  Also reached a thousand words on my rewrite.  But it’s funny.  Remember how I was making fun of two thousand words a day as a goal?  Well, I had a story on my mind that we had read in class.  I did read the story, but then I missed the discussion period.  This story irritated me so freaking much, and I didn’t even get to talk shit about it.  So I did a little research on it, to find out why it was in an anthology text book instead of a trash compactor, and there didn’t seem to be a whole lot of people who interpreted it the way I did.  So I wrote a fairly long-ish spiel about it just to get it off of my chest, and when I loaded it into Libreoffice the word count was sixteen hundred words.  Huh.

So I guess as long as I’m the right amount of pissed off, I could do that many over the course of a few hours, sure.

So, I dunno.  I wonder if it’s maybe kinda rude of me to ask people’s opinions on a draft that I’m already rewriting.  I’m not sure, but perhaps it might seem a little arrogant?  Eh.  I just mostly already have misgivings about stuff.  My professor told me she doesn’t offer a whole lot of critique of revisions (likely because class is over) but she said she’d include some comments on mine if I wanted.  I will be grabbing my portfolio tomorrow.  It’s funny.  Some of my misgivings about the first draft matched up pretty well with other people’s, but I was very surprised by the things that confused people.  So here we go.

Blalalalala.  I start summer classes on Monday.  Frick.  I need to get my fees paid, and I’m also not just in a summer class, but a half-term summer class, which makes it four times the pace of fall/spring.  Oh yeah, it’s also at nine forty five in the morning.  Never mind waking up, where the hell will I park?  I.  Am going.  To die.  But it’s my Greek/Roman authors class, so it should at least be interesting.  Wheee.

That’s all I got for now.

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  1. Greek and Roman authors, eh? More of a philosophy class or what?

    I took a class that was described as being about “mythology and folk stories”, but it turned out to be solely about Greek/Roman mythology. There was some interesting material, but I was annoyed at the misleading course description, so I took the opportunity to write about all the Norse and Finnish mythology, and the werewolf and vampire folk-tales I was reading on my own time in the stupid reading journal we were assigned to keep…I think the prof. wrote me a long note in reply that I was missing the point of the class. x_x

    • The description is actually pretty Laconic. It said something about reading and translation, but I asked my Latin professor about it–because I’m pretty good with Latin, but I am useless at Greek–and he said since it’s both Latin and Greek in the same class, that means it’s a “civ” class, which basically means it’ll be in English. So we’ll see what’s really going on, I guess.

  2. Sort of? That sounds ominous.

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