Welp.  I spent the weekend driving to Ohio to watch my sister’s graduation then back.  In the meantime, I’m supposed to have received a laptop in the mail that I ordered and paid for nearly three weeks ago.  The tracking number doesn’t tell me anything about it or its location, so I’m reporting it as a delayed delivery.  Dunno what else I can do.

While we’re on the subject, I got flaked out on by two other people, and this flaking has persisted since last November.  As I said before, I’m a furry now, and I figured that that meant I had to go to furry cons and buy furry stuff.  I got a couple of things, including a tail, which I’m happy about.  I placed orders for two other things, for which I paid cash, and neither one of the vendors has seen fit to fulfil those contracts or even so much as speak to me.  This has been aggravating me and even keeping me awake at night, despite my best efforts to just let go.  Some people may laugh, I suppose.  It’s less than a hundred dollars.  But that’s kind of a lot for me.

Caffeine is my medicine.  .

I’m trying to make sure and write something every day.  It seems to me the most likely thing that will result in an actually marketable skill, although I suppose I felt the same way about photography at one point.  Anyways, at the last DSA meeting I met a woman who was interested in I&R, and I need to look up some shit for the county charter.  I’m also taking a class this summer on “public writing” which is not fiction, but more like communicating about politics and business stuff.  Feh.  An equally important skill nonetheless.

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  1. What site did you use to make the purchases? Usually if you buy through a platform–etsy/ebay/amazon/etc–you have them to back up your claim for a refund or whatever…

    • Newegg.com. They have a guarantee as well. But I complained and they finally sent it on its way. I will probably get it within the next couple of days.

      • Good deal…I never know just how long to wait before getting someone else involved…but they usually take care of stuff pretty quick after you contact the people in charge.

  2. And…I’m curious…whereabout in Ohio did you visit?

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