Harassment and stalking get old really fast.  And it’s been three years.  Yesterday, my stalker messaged me on Facebook.  I told him, again, to leave me alone, and then I blocked him, again.  Looking at my blocked users page, he’s on there twice now.  I’ve confided in a few people about this, but mostly I’ve been enduring it in silence.  So I decided to try something new: I posted exactly what happened on Facebook and named my attacker.  I have also chosen to document and save every time he tries to bother me, and because of this it seems I have to add another person to my enemies list, which really isn’t fair to me.  It was really something to watch someone I went to highschool with and had respected suddenly turn into a child and then block me.  But they wanted to carry messages between me and this guy anyway, and I am not going to tolerate that sort of behavior, so in the end that just makes it easier on me. 

I had a great outpouring of support from my family.  My mom is fantastic; she made me laugh.  I know that no matter what happens there are people who got my back. 

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