So it turns out that my transmission is broken also. There’s no telling how long my car will be in the shop, especially since it acts up intermittently and unpredictably. I was told to tow it in while it is still acting up, but I’m not the one paying for it, so I absolutely have to get it running again before taking it in. So there’s no telling how or when they will figure out what is wrong with it, and we may need to replace the entire transmission regardless. So who fucking knows anyway.

I’m supposed to be writing a press release (I’m the one who proposed releasing the damn thing anyway) but I still haven’t even read the news article it’s based on. Egh. It’s just been so stressful. Politics have been kind of annoying to me lately.

At least I have a ride to school tomorrow. I can think about that while I walk the dog. It’s late to be doing that, but what the hell, who cares. My grades are mediocre anyway, but it’s not like tomorrow is a test day. They are coming up in the next few weeks, though. Last day will be the eighth. We’re talking about having two finals. I don’t know, but I fully expect to get a C for this class.

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  1. I hate getting my car fixed…it seems like this year has been non stop problems…break line went out, needed new tires, floor kept filling with water, seriously cracked axle, worn out wheel bearing, faulty turn signal socket…where does it end? D:

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