Oh, Friday

Where have you been all week. I was waiting for you.

I have been extremely busy. Tests, homework, the Green party meeting, and on Thursday I performed in an improv show. So naturally I spent today getting my car fixed, because that is so much fun. Well, actually, that one took less than an hour. My battery had reached the end of its life. Getting there, though, that was fucking stressful. Every time something’s wrong with my car, I end up getting into an argument about it. But it doesn’t matter; we got it all dealt with.

Ohhhh. I still need to write a few things, and I need to put the videos of my performance together into one, most importantly to have one video, but also to see the percent of coverage I got from it. My camera won’t take longer videos than twenty minutes, so I had to recruit someone to keep pressing the button.

I have been taking a ton a photos, but I don’t always have time to go through them all during the semester (especially the summer semester) so my account isn’t as active as I wish it were. However, the last day of classes is in three weeks or so, so starting then I can start uploading whatever I like at a decent clip. I think five per day is a reasonable amount. For now, though, it’s catch as catch can. I just now went through all of my messages and got the number down to zero for the first time all week, and when I hit refresh I got four more of the damn things :shakefist:. Part of this is probably that I watch too many people to keep track of anything, but whatever. I have a lot of interests.

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