My friend invited me to a cookout for today. No crabs, unfortunately–the ocean is six to eight hours away. I had a burger and a hotdog and I even ate cake. I never eat cake. It was fun. I shared my three goals: save the world, rule the world, destroy the world. My friend called it the SRD plan (save, rule, destroy) and it struck me that that was an excellent name for a band. Heh. There were only a few of us. For once I wasn’t the youngest, although I was still the youngest adult. I have GOT to meet people my age. I’ve got a meeting coming up on the eleventh that may give me a chance to do that.

A fellow player at improv (I guess he’s starting to be a friend, too) lent me a book on drawing, and I’ve reached the first few exercises. I have to draw someone’s head, not using a photograph (no word on other imaging technology, although I have the second edition, which predates internet), a person (without looking, no other instructions), my hand (opposite of the one I am drawing with), and a chair (from life). Haven’t done it yet; I wanted to get a spiral-bound sketchbook first. Before this, I have drawn a couple of wolves and something approximating a fox, all from photographs. They were kind of lousy. So, hopefully using this book can impart some measure of skill. It’s kind of odd, though. There’s a strong undercurrent of pseudo science, especially positive thinking (which I can identify from Barbara Ehrenreich’s fantastic critique of it, . What stands out, more than the funny theories about neuroscience that got started in those days, is the author, Betty Edwards’, continued subtle attempts to make ordinary people feel extraordinary by implying that extraordinary people are ordinary. I’m not dismissing it, just criticizing. Edwards was trained as an art teacher, not a scientist, and even scientists are prone to believing goofy non-facts coming from outside of their field. So we’ll see.

By the way, the text box seems different today. I approve.

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