I’m at the point now where once a week, I have the free time to go look at DeviantArt and pare down some of my messages.  But I get hundreds.  It’s hard, because there’s a lot of stuff I actually want to look at, but I don’t want to dig through hundreds of submissions in the space of a few days. 

And with the stress I forgot the power reduction method for integration odd powers of sine/cosine.  (It’s actually pretty simple; you just use a Pythagorean identity to pull out an even power of sin/cos, leave one out, and basically do the inverse of the chain rule for derivation).  I’ve currently got a D+, which is driving me crazy.  I hope that I can bring it up some.  I want to get at least a C, since I probably won’t make it to an A.  Why do I take summer classes?  I’m just a glut for punishment I guess.  Ugh. 

Improv has been canceled this week because of that stupid soccer thing, so thanks a lot, sports fans.  I guess a bunch of men chasing a ball around is more important than people’s homes.  Our MC wants me to act as an intermediary between her and my friend, who has connections at another possible venue.  Our MC knows both of us, and all three of us have telephones, but the MC apparently refuses to speak to anyone outside of Facebook.  I swear sometimes. 

The Green Party tables at our local gay pride day (called Pridefest) and I decided to go along and do sign-ups for the newsletter.  I got more than twice the number of people signing up as are already subscribers.  I made my own sign from this old piece of posterboard, sheets of printer paper, some markers, and electrical tape.  I just had people sign a page in a notebook for me.  It was very simple and very effective.  One person complained that nobody from the party ever got back to him on anything, which I found fairly easy to believe.  What a ridiculous situation.  Well, with my newsletter it shouldn’t be too hard to put a stop to that.  There are other events that we table at, although I think that for this year they are already passed, but I will be at the future ones. 

Finally, I have added several new CD’s to my collection, and I am very tired.

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