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Oh, man.  This week was grueling.  Getting set up on campus took longer than I hoped.  Tuesday, I kind of blew off school work after class to do treasurer stuff, so I never did any of the stuff after class I was really supposed to.  MY fault, obviously, but I did let my friend know yesterday that I’d really have to focus on school.  Wednesday sucked.  I hated it.  Got towed.  So I had to wait in the sun for a ride.  My face is kinda sunburned now, because I’ve been wearing the same hat–a snap brim from Ireland, which I really love, but it doesn’t really offer a lot of shade–since starting the semester last Thursday.  I don’t want to wear a fedora, because I look weird enough already, and unlike at Pellissippi, I’m now surrounded by football fans who may potentially end up waning to kick my ass.  I don’t do so well with violence.  So my face gets sunburn, but it wasn’t too bad.  Didn’t hurt anyway.  But it took a while for my ride to get there, so when I got home, I pretty much just ate and went to bed.  Then this Thursday, I went to work getting my parking pass.  Forgot my money, so I had to come back home after class and get it, then drive back to campus.  I parked kind of far away after I got sick of driving around looking for visitor parking, then when I’d walked almost all the way to the office, I realised I needed my license plate number, which I hadn’t written down.  So I walked back, and drove to a closer parking spot.  Tried to stay awake afterwards, but I was just too exhausted to make it to dinner.  My calves were still sore yesterday.  I’m also surprised to find that I am actually out of shape.  I carry a DSLR now and only a single book and notebook, and it’s a lot of freight to take over the distances I am travelling.  And I’m only taking one class!  Granted, a lot of it’s uphill.  But damn.  I’ve spent entirely too much of the last six months sitting.  I get home too tired to walk the dog, and nobody else is going to do it, so poor Sully just sits there all day bored.  He tries to play with me, but he doesn’t remember the games he used to play when he lived in a multi-dog house.  I even spent most of the last few days off the internet–well, mostly, I have been watching netflix.  Okay, I shouldn’t be doing that.  Anyways, I’ve got homework, and I will totally do it–I will!–after I get home from improv today.  Academically, my first full week has been less than stellar.  Okay, it’s a flunk.  But next week will be spotless.  I just need to do some review, since it’s been an entire semester since I studied any math. 

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  1. Psh. Fedoras aren’t weird. And one would hope that at college age, kids would stop beating people up over dumb stuff like that. Unless they’re drunk. Since drunk people are up for anything, it seems.

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