Listening to ALL my music

Nope, I just downloaded more.  I made it all the way to 1993, and realized I was just not in the mood for Primus right now.  I’ve also been “accidentally” discovering heavy metal bands from Argentina and Chile and I just wanted to get the files on my computer before I forgot to do it.  So I figured, what the hell, why not add some NWOBHM.  Angelwitch, in particular. 

Because UT doesn’t allow you to register for classes without taking orientation, I spent all day yesterday doing that, despite spending all day Monday asleep.  Since my bedtime had been set to 10 AM, it was very difficult to sit through aggressively boring presentations, while having people demand that I display school spirit and make connections with them.  And then finally I get to the advising appointment, which did actually help me a little bit, although for some reason they decided on having a “lockdown” and nobody would be able to register for classes in the area.  I’m not clear on the details, but I got my class this morning and paid for it and everything.  After all the time I spent not registering because there was an advising hold, there was one opening left in the class, but summer classes are less in demand anyway, so maybe I’m lucky, but not by that much.  And it begins tomorrow, too, so all my waiting and anxiety is now over until the first test.  I’m supposed to already have the book that I need; if they change it I am going to be mad, it’s only been one fucking semester since my last math class.  I’m also going to go through my old syllabuses and review the concepts I didn’t do so hot with.  I get an all-new GPA this semester, so I want to start out with an A.  

Also, I am required to complte sixty hours at a four-year school, so none of the extra classes I took at Pellissippi will count towards my graduation.  I will end up graduating UT with 162 hours, instead of the usual 120.  Otherwise I’d only have 18 more credit hours to go.  So now I have an excuse to take even more filler.  I’m going to learn music.   

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