This was my Saturday.

First of all, I got to sleep well after midnight, because there was a meteor shower between two and three in the morning Saturday.  I knew I couldn’t stay in Knoxville if I wanted to watch it, so I drove around a little bit to find the right direction, and I realised I would have to go south, to Townsend, if I wanted to get away from all the light pollution.  So I drove down and set up my camera on my tripod by the side of the road just outside of Townsend and maybe ten miles from Great Smokey Mountains National Park.  So I saw two meteors.  I didn’t catch them on film, but I usually miss the entire thing, so I count that as a win.  I also took fifty shots of the same patch of sky.  I see a lot of people who do these, and it’s always interesting how they turn out.  It requires some editing which I don’t know how to do, but this was the first time I was out there and had a camera capable of taking the kind of exposures needed (30-second.).  So I didn’t head back home until after four o’clock, and when I got there around five my mind was in active mode again.  So I got very little sleep starting around six until eight or nine, and then I took a half hour nap. 

So I got to improv a little bit late, and Isa was going to meet me there.  She called me on the way, so when I stopped I hit her back, and she was at Three Rivers, and asked me to wait for her outside.  She brought along some pictures of me painting the wall at My Place Performing Art Center, and her new business cards she got Friday, and I brought her some stuff for her .gov account. 

Conversations….  We kind of did that in improv a little.  We actually focused on environment-building; basically, constructing a scene visually and communicating it to other players without describing it.  Then afterwards.  Interesting.  I’m single and somebody else is single and I kind of confessed in a sort of roundabout way to being terrified of people.  I backed out.  Changed the subject.  I suck.  It’s been three years.  How do I start feeling safe around people again?  Especially people who are likely capable of killing me.

I went to the March Against Monsanto.  Missed opportunity for campaigning, if you ask me. I tried to make up for it, of course, but it really would have been better if some of our other Greens had been there.  Well, at least there was a Green presence.  I even gave out a few business cards.  Not many.  We had some people speak, then we started marching.  There were drums and signs and shirts, and people stared the hell at us.  Like, what, a protest, in Knoxville?  We started in a green sort of courtyard in the city park, headed to main street, then went from there up Gay street and around to Market Square, where everyone stood on stage, and I got down and sat in the square.  I took a lot of pictures of the whole thing, and I even took some video at the end, although my hands were shaking from being so tired.  Lesson learned: bring both cameras and hook one up to the tripod for video, and the other for photos.  I could even attach a sign to the tripod and sort of carry it like that. 

That whole day was exhausting. 

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