My new number is forty

Okay, not all at once, but I am a manly man beast. 

I have been staying away from youtube, but I still keep browsing Encyclopedia Metallum.  I’ve taken note of a few artists to find more stuff from, like WASP.  Others stopped at just one album, like Black Fate, which is kind of disappointing.  “Child of Hell” is pretty intensely awesome. 

I really need to find this trick to photographing lightning.  I think I need timed exposures, which means I need my tripod, but of course tonight I was unable to find it.  It was located inconveniently in front of my face on my dresser.  Got some nice shots of a rainbow, though.  I really need to empty my memory card more frequently, though, because I have five hundred new files now, and I’ll have to dig through all of them because I am crazy and cannot leave any single one of them alone. 

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