So I actually worked out today.  Thirty is still my number, it seems, which I guess is a good thing.  I did it listening to Van Halen.  I’ve actually had Van Halen on my computer since high school, but haven’t listened to it the whole time.  But lately, I’ve forced myself to stop downloading new music until I’ve listened to all the music I already have.  I’ve got a selection of seventy-eight artists, ranging from 1968 to the present day, for a total of two thousand ninety-two songs.  According to Banshee, the number of songs I haven’t heard is now down to 1800.  It’s actually much fewer than that, since I reset banshee before doing this, so that now I am listening to every single thing in chronological order.  No backing out, unless I want to get rid of an artist or one of their albums.  If I want to hear something out of order and I just have to listen to it, I get on youtube.  I’ve actually expanded my interests a lot more than by just downloading more shit, so there you go.  

My orientation for real college is next week.  I am studiously avoiding the frustration of trying to find out what I do next.  I figure if they want to put me through this bureaucratic rigamarole, then they can damn well tell me what to do.  I have to be there by–get this–seven thirty in the fucking morning, and it is absolutely fucking mandatory.  What a bunch of assholes. 

Blech, I want to go to sleep, but I’m hungry.  So now I can’t decide what to do.  I’ll probably fix myself a bowl of spaghetti sauce and read.  I’m also thinking back on the Utopia paper I wrote in poli-sci last year.  I didn’t abolish money, because I felt that no one else would vote for it (there was a little competition to get a few points of extra credit don’t you judge me) and I think I can do better.  I think I can go farther and draw up a little pathway to accomplish some of what I want to see in the world. 

I also got the blinds in my bedroom fixed fucking finally.  Other things on the list are a new closet door and doorway, the door to the water heater weatherized (a lot of thermal energy is exchange through there between my room and the outside), and having the professionals redo or at least slightly improve my make-shift repairs of the holes I made in the walls back when I was crazy.  I’m also thinking more posters, but that part is all me. 

Also, I think I’ve mentioned that I’m treasurer for a friend’s political campaign, but yesterday we finally went to the bank and set up a DBA account.  We deposited a whole sixty dollars.  It was intense. 

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  1. Real college? As opposed to pretend college?

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