Okay, more music.

I am literally obsessed.

Easy way to find more bands that you’ll like: look up the different musicians in bands you already listen to.  I got here by following the guitarist from Dio’s <i>Killing the Dragon</i> album.  I have CD’s from 3 bands with Ronnie James Dio as frontman (4 if you count Black Sabbath, but I only have the nine albums with Ozzie Osbourne on them; much as I love Dio, I’m still a purist). 

Here’s some Dio

He was in I don’t even know how many more bands. 

I may actually physically fill my CD binder by the time classes begin.  I still have two and a half weeks before I can register. 

Here’s something totally random:

Weirdly, I seem to remember the opening track from a racing game that my older brother played on our ancient MS-DOS Compaq.  I loved that game; the cars had <i>Lasers</i>.  I actually hooked up an old 5 1/4 floppy drive to the gateway 2000 we replaced that dinosaur with, and I managed somehow to get it running.  Too bad I can’t remember the name of that game, I’d probably be able to find it and download it.  It would run like a dream in DOSBox for certain.

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