So, I’ve decided to develop another experimental orthography.  One thing I consider a classic irritation is the lack of a single character for ng.  But I remember reading somewhere that in indo-european, both m and ng existed only as allophones of n, m before a p, b, bh, and ng before a k, g, gh.  Historically, m already existed in English, (and most of my sources say that it goes back to PIE, but let’s indulge the hypothetical for now).  The sound ng only started occurring by itself when g was dropped from the ends of certain words during the middle English period, and there are still dialects of English that pronounce the g.  So my new goal is to eliminate the letter m, but still keep things clear…or at least as clear as standard orthography is. 

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  1. I always liked the dh sound that doesn’t really exist in English…

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