Thoughts on lucid dreaming

What if you’re only dreaming that you can control your dream?

Okay, so, weird dream.  I’m walking down a hallway for some reason–there is a reason, I just can’t remember what it is–with a very large, black wolf beside me.  He has yellow eyes, and his height at the shoulder reaches the bottom of my sternum.  I try petting him a little, but he shrugs it off.  I let him nibble my fingers a bit, but I stop him because he might bite down too hard without realising it.  So, I think I’ve been watching too much Supernatural lately, or maybe it was The Atrocity Archives that did it, but we’re headed towards something more or less formidable, and it turns out to be more rather than less, because the wolf turns around just runs.  So I’m thinking, Okay, he’s probably got the right idea, and I follow suit, but of course as I start waking up my brain becomes aware of my body’s nocturnal paralysis and it gets really hard to run.  Well, this is just too annoying, so I “fight back” sort of, making myself run faster despite being increasingly aware that my real legs are not moving (or if they are then they are tangled in sheet).  And then I open a way into the cafeteria (apparently there’s one of those, who knows why) and I jump through, but I am still followed.  Now that I know I am definitely dreaming, I decide to do away with this unknown pursuer, but I can’t be sure if it worked.  So suddenly there’s a cabinet, and I’m like, “I don’t like this cabinet or what’s in it,” so I turn it into a computer.  I think.  Then I wake up.

I really, really need to start doing things in real life.  And not just on Saturdays.  Eugh.  22 Days until I can register for classes.  Fuck.  Then I will worry about what next.

Oh, but in the meantime I am now the treasurer for my friend Isa’s campaign for State Governor.  I have successfully convinced her to include direct democracy in her platform, hahaha.  I so badly want people to be thinking and talking about this.  Legislators and executives should not be the only people able to author and approve legislation.

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