Oh, I love to cook.  But more than that, I love to eat the food that I cook.  While listening to awesome. 

Along with realising for the millionth time that I really am actually fucking crazy, I’ve also discovered that Budgie is my favorite band.  I figured this out while considering buying two new disks from them, one of which is an EP and not even a full-length album, just so I’d have every single budgie song.  I’m in it good.  I am a budgie fan.  And I am going to list my favorite songs of theirs, in order of track listing and album release date: Guts, Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman, Homicidal Suicidal, Whiskey River, Rocking Man, Breadfan (Covered by Metallica, and the reason I found out about them), Baby Please Don’t Go (actually a cover but shoot), You are the Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk, Parents, In for the Kill, Crash Course in Brain Surgery (also covered by Metallica), Zoom Club, Living on Your Own, Breaking all the House Rules, Who do you Want for Your Love, I Can’t See my Feelings, I Ain’t No Mountain, Napoleon Bona Part 1 & 2, Sky High Percentage, Melt the Ice Away, Love for You and Me, All at Sea, I’m a Faker too, Forearm Smash, Gunslinger, Heavy Revolution, Power Supply, Secrets in My Head, Crime Against the World (it’s a crime, it’s a criii-iiiii-iiiiiime), I Turned to Stone, Keeping a Rendezvous, Reaper of the Glory, Superstar, Bored with Russia, Truth Drug. 

There’s none that I actually dislike (and I want to apologize to Squawk for basically giving the entire album a consolation prize, although I could probably sneak Rocking Man into there, aw shit, there it goes.  It’s on the list now) but these are the ones I’m frequently compelled to play over and over again.  I suppose it seems there’s a lot of them, but of the ten albums I’ve got they’re all good ones.  And I couldn’t give you a top ten of their songs, and not just because I’m a sucker.  I’d have to pick my number one favorite from each album, because their style and lineup does change some.  And whenever that happens, you’ll have a lot of people who feel that they betrayed their fan base, but it’s nothing like what Metallica did.  Budgie is like a living thing that grows and evolves. 

Man, I should be paid to write stuff like this.  Whoo. 

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