I don’t know why it bothers me so much when people leave comments on my deviantArt site with links to their Facebook profile.  I mean, yeah it’s crass fucking spam, but I can just ignore it, or even mark it as spam and hide it on my site.  It’s just…I hate facebook.  I almost have to use it, because there’s so many people I can only talk to on there.  But just, everything about that site pisses me off.  I hate the Orwellian privacy policy, I hate being spammed with idiotic games, I hate the newsfeed.  As a matter of fact, I hate anything that’s personalized.  I’m a big boy, I can filter my own fucking content, thank you very much.  This is why I so strongly prefer message board forums and dA, because there is no “personalization;” it’s all there in front of you without any kind of censorship algorithm running silently in the background without your consent. 

But other than that, I like thank you’s.  I like feeling as if I have done something that somebody cares about.  I want to be a special fucking snowflake that you can blow on and melt.  Okay, maybe not, I just wanted to say that.  But you know what?  It’s polite to say “thank you” but it’s better to mean it. 

And to be fair, personalization has its place.  It’s just that it doesn’t connect you to people.  It isolates you.  It shields you from ideas that challenge your present way of thinking, as if changing your mind is such a horrible experience to have. 

In other news:  I have started concrete work on a personal research project.  I want to know about the progressive movement here in Tennessee.  Specifically, when initiative and referendum were first adopted here in town.  Then that will give me dates to look at in other towns.  I am also definitely going to UTK for the summer semester.  And some people working on a community garden that I am trying to network with have invited me to their next meeting.  I am hoping to gain experience with this garden to get one started at the courthouse; there is a walkway there with long windows on either side and lots of light; and since most people in town will go through that walkway at one time or another it’s a good place a) to display plants that are growing and that will be available to the community to eat and b) to display locations and other information relating to other community gardens in our city.  I also hope to have wild local edibles growing, which will be good knowledge for people to have access to.

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  1. whyzat says:

    I’m not a huge fan of Facebook, either. I use it mostly to follow some skeptical and sciency groups whose articles I like. Same with Twitter. I haven’t been to DeviantArt in forever. I haven’t had anything to post and I got kind of jealous of everyone’s cool stuff. Yeah, I’m nice that way! 😉

    • I’m similar, apart from loving dA. It’s hard not to get jealous; there’s a lot of very talented people on there. But then you realise that a lot of them don’t really get a fantastic level of compensation.

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