Well, been a while, hasn’t it?  Yikes.  Well.

I made sure to go to the Green Party state meeting here in TN at the beginning of the month.  We nominated a person to run for Senate, but no one ran for my House district, and no one ran for Governor.  Well, in the time since then, our senate candidate withdrew from the race, and at our local meeting, we had three people decide to run for all of these slates.  Unfortunately, we don’t have a process already in place for dealing with a situation like the one that just came up.

So now we need to amend our bylaws.  I cooked up what seemed to me like an obvious solution (allow local parties across the state to convene and choose whether to support a candidate for state-level races if the state party fails to fill their slate) and emailed it to my friend, who is one of the ones running.  I would have sent it in to our discussion group, but I felt weird about some of the language.

To be perfectly honest, I don think that having a nominating convention in a state as tremendous as Tennessee is entirely practical, and having a committee as the alternative strikes me as an oddly top-down system of organizing.  You shouldn’t have to ascend through a bureaucracy in order to decide who speaks for you.

Another thing: at our last local party meeting, I let them talk me into representing our local to the state party.  There’s another yahoo email list that I need to join now (hate hate hate hate hate fucking yahoo) and no one seems to know how I am supposed to get into it.  But that’s okay, though, because there are still several things I want to do that I need to extract local opinions about first.

After missing a semester of college, and now that it seems I may miss another one, I am thinking of applying for a job at a co-op.  I’ve got the application, too, but I feel weird mentioning that the last time I did paid work was in 2011.  I’ll also be expected to use proprietary software, which is always a nightmare.

Sleep has gotten weird and I am sick of it, so I have decided to just stay awake for however long I can manage.  I can sleep enough when I am dead.

Last night, I was confirmed as a member of our local Feminist Collective.  I am also working on building connections I might need to set up an indoor community garden in the City-County building here in Knoxville.  Since everyone goes through there, I figure it’s the perfect place to post a proof-of-concept for community gardens, and a poster informing people of other gardens in town.  I am gaining a growing appreciation of punk rock.

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