Why is it that all I want to do all day is lie around and sleep? 

Why am I sleeping at night now?

Is it my diet?  Why do I feel like eating is a chore? 

What’s wrong with me?

I need to take the recycling again.  And I want to clean my room.  Sort of. 

Did I mention?  The local Green Party has an E-newsletter now.  Today is the first meeting of the editorial board, and I’m on it.  They want me to write something about the keystone pipeline.  Fuck.  Never mind that the number one issue facing every third party in America–and every American, if they know what’s good for them–is election reform.  Never mind I was trying to recruit for this months ago.  Now, I’m not sure what kind of response we can mount in this community.  Raising money for bail is going to be a joke; I have no further plans for civil disobedience.  And the whole time I’ve felt like an asshole for asking people to go to jail anyway, since I know what an awful place it is, and wouldn’t go back over this.  I’m certainly willing to organize entirely legal rallies, if there’s interest.  I guess I’ll leave the special email address I created for it at the bottom of the. . . article, blurb, or whatever.  I can certainly write about the Monday night vigils, mention official Green Party opposition to the pipeline, and bring up Jill Stein’s stint in jail for bringing food to protesters.  Then there’s the swift foxes.  Swift foxes are cute.  But I haven’t read any of the government documents relating to this; most of my information, outside of what little’s been going on in Knoxville, is second- or third-hand.

On the plus side, though, I am a little bit of a journalist now. 

What I want to write an article about is putting edible plants along the walkway in the courthouse.  But that likely wouldn’t be an article, more of an editorial.  Hehe, I can write those now. 

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