So, a few days ago a guy with mountain justice sent me an email asking for a ride.  He’s doing the cooking for a meeting today in Berea.  He told me I could get reimbursed for gas, so here I am now, in Berea, Kentucky.  We left the other day at around nine or ten, when it was raining pretty hard.  The rain turned to snow after a few hours, and visibility tanked, so I ended up going forty miles an hour on the interstate–about half the speed I would have had ordinarily–with semi trucks barreling past me, barely managing to stay in their own lane.  Got to the town of Berea at around 1 in the morning, and it was only a few minutes until we got to these people’s house.  I caught some light sleep until five, while the chef spent all the small hours of the morning cooking breakfast.  People are starting to arrive now for the meeting. 

But snow is still coming down, and because it was so warm earlier there is a lot of black ice on the road.  I thought of going out earlier to take pictures, but being on the road this morning kind of changed my mind.  I think the meeting is a sort of a two-day thing, so it will likely be Monday before I get back.  Made sure to bring my laptop and a book. 

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