I need to post

I have to talk now.  I had a dream.  I was in school, taking classes.  Two classes, actually.  In the morning.  First class proceeded without memorable incident, then my second class.  I think it was an art class.  There was one other student, female, very pretty.  I wanted to talk to her, say hi, something, but I couldn’t possibly do that.  Somewhere along the way I realised I was only wearing one shoe.  Clearly I had to go and find the other one, and I walked around unevenly, searching for it, while wearing one shoe.  I knew it was in my other class; had to have been.  But there were these old teachers in there, and I couldn’t go in and really search for it.  I asked, got sort of an answer.  No, it’s not in here.  I was also using my phone to sort of analyse the things I was looking at, not because it would help me find my shoe, but because I was interested.  I’m still walking around, one leg extra bent, then I wander back into the second classroom, and I find my other shoe, and now I can see which pair of shoes it is, it’s a pair of really old, beaten up new balance running shoes that I threw away a few years ago.  Except there’s another shoe, a smaller one, and it’s the same brand and model, and it’s in the same condition.  Somehow there’s a joke about a party, and the shoes having a baby, only it falls flat and the topic is making me uncomfortable anyway, so I change it.  There’s a thing…some kind of event.  Professor wants us to go.  For art.  I don’t want to, because what if ykw is there.  (yeah, because he’s such an artsy person)  But I let myself get talked into it, and we all raise our fists in the air and say “whoo, art!” and professor turns and it’s his face.  Then I wake up.

I suppose that after seeing that fat shit’s face on everyone even slightly tubby who passes me by, I shouldn’t be surprised.  I don’t want to be suspicious of everyone I meet who seems even slightly interested.  And I want to sleep peacefully for eight hours at a time, especially when I don’t actually have to be up in the morning.  I am so tired.  Why can’t I go to bed at two in the morning like I always do?  Sleep until ten.  That’s fucking normal.  Maybe not so much during what’s technically the school semester, but I’m not enrolled anywhere right now.  Fuck.

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