That feeling

Of wanting to be up within four hours, and active for much of the day as well, but just too damn active to go to sleep. 

And hungry.  Also hungry.  Feed me. 

So I have improv tomorrow at ten; want to get there on time for once.  Lasts until twelve.  And then there’s a conference call at four, because of the Final Environmental Impact Statement being released.  They want me to host a “vigil” on Monday in protest against the pipeline.  I have to wonder if anyone will show up, since they’ve all been ignoring my emails. 

Also, at the end of February, Mountain Justice Spring Break is coming up.  It’s exactly the kind of thing I’d like to go to, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to.  I think I can manage it, though, if I save up.  I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and I finally went ahead and registered for it.  What the hell.  It’s a week long, and if I go, then suddenly taking off a whole semester of school makes sense.  Eh. 

I have volunteered to help out with the local Green Party’s newsletter.  I was one of three people, and another of us was “in charge” of the project, but has since called it off.  So now Me and the other guy are being asked to take it over.  I’m thinking of doing it, actually.  I’m just worried that if I have my way, which it looks like I might, it’ll just turn into a bunch of editorial essays that no one will want to read.  Another issue is that sometimes I won’t be able to focus long enough to even write the essays.  I also want “Green Wolf” as my pseudonym, which I’m not sure anyone will put up with.  Maybe Wolfgang Greene so it looks like an actual name.  Haha.  Well, I’ll see my friend at ten, and she’s the one asking me (not one of the people working on the newsletter).  “Alpha Wolf of the Green Party Newsletter.”  Screw chief editor. 

Ergh, I need to sign off now. 

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One Response to That feeling

  1. Wolfgang Greene has a nice ring to it.

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