It’s been pretty cold lately.  I was hoping it would snow more, but it’s just too dry around here right now.  I’m hoping for the chance to go to the park and take pictures.  I’ve done some night photos, but not with any snow.  Really makes me wish I had been a more mature photographer when I lived up in South Bend, because there was so much I could have done up there.  Oh well. 

I’m thinking of going to ITT tech instead of UTK.  ITT Tech has already been in contact with me, UTK doesn’t even seem to remember I exist.  They want documents that Maryville and ITT tech haven’t even asked for.  Maryville might be cheaper than ITT Tech, but I know hardly anything about them.  I think I need career counseling, but I don’t know what kind.  I know mostly what I don’t want.  I don’t want to give up my life for the express purpose of enabling someone whom I have never met to drive a better car than I do.  And do you know what would really kick ass?  Working for a wolf sanctuary.  There I said it.

In other news, this smiley makes me giggle like a madman. 

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