emo post

I’m feeling generally mediocre right now.  I feel that way about my grades, about my photographs, about any activism I might want to do.  I’ve begun drawing.  I actually started late last year.  I’m going off of photo references.  Some have turned out well (considering).  Recognizable at least, though still with obvious mistakes.  I’ve drawn two wolves, a fox, and a dog.  I started to human, using a picture of Jack Nicholson as a reference (private joke) but it started looking like a picture I drew of my dad when I was six.  So I quit on it.  I have to wonder sometimes if it’s too late for me to improve.  I have to remember that this is a brand new skill I’m trying to develop. 

And I’m still traumatized from 2011.  I continue to go around people who have never done me any harm and be terrified.  Brayn wat r u doin.  brayn stahp. 

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  1. What photographs? I want to see some…

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