So, in all the time it’s been 2014, I have not once written 2013.  Except that one time.  Which doesn’t count since it’s totally appropriate. 

With nothing to do, I am starting to go a little crazy.  It’s always hard to get used to, and it makes the upcoming semester exciting and more pleasant.  Yet here I am with nothing except on just one day of the week, and I may not be able to start a new semester all that soon.  I had a hold on my record that I just got lifted (overdue DVD’s) which makes it hard to apply to new colleges.  So now I can put applications in and get another degree.  Hopefully faster, this time. 

Eventually, of course I must find a source of income.  I keep thinking that no matter what, I’m going to hate it, so what is the point?  But what really makes it not worth it would be low wages.  I’ve been thinking I could offer my services as a tutor for math.  I figure that’ll be easy, at least as far as the math I already know goes.  I’ve only taken one class in Calculus.  Technically, I’m “qualified” to sign up in the ERC as a tutor for lower classes, but of course I’m no longer a student there.  Actually, I don’t think that there is anything to stop me from taking more classes and signing up as a tutor, but I want to move on.  Been there forever.  Starting to feel embarrassed about that. 

One thing that really excites me, though, is the idea of working with a wildlife organization that deals with wolves.  There’s an area in North Carolina where there are wild wolves–the last wild population of red wolves in the wild, actually, distinct from grey wolves–and some facilities dedicated to protecting them. 

aye wnat 2 b prt uv sumtheeng beggir

Okay, wow, I need sleep. 

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