Always such a strange landscape.  Construction.  Snow.  Building, designing.  Just like sandcastles.  New environment, new materials.  Adobe?  Then scale.  People, machines, buildings.  A whole new planet.  Then invasion.  Terror, destruction.  Watching people die.  Last refuge.  A desperate hold-out against the inevitable.  Then salvation.  Danger easily defeated.  And I realise none of this is real.  I’m asleep.  I’m in Tennessee, not on some distant new world. 

I didn’t know what I was getting into.  Oh no.  But I still made a conscious decision.  There’s always a point where you know you need to leave.  Show some initiative, damnit. 

I knew I was asleep when salvation came.  That doesn’t happen in real life.  In real life you die. 

On the other hand, I’m sure I’ve got an outline now for an okay story in five acts. 

I should be recovering from surgery right now, but it got delayed again.  I’m already ready to give up on it, but my sister talked me into rescheduling.  Last chance. 

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One Response to Dreams

  1. My own dreams are like that a lot. Kind of chilling, sometimes.

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