Ahh!  A fresh install.  Much better to use.  And a new harddrive.  Old one tanked, and I lost a letter I was working on.  Annoying.  But I was able to write it back out long hand.  Ordered a new disk off of newegg, and waited a week for a broken one to arrive in the mail.  I’d been hoping to save money, but it turns out I’m only going to be spending whatever I save on return postage.  So that was frustrating. 

But man, it’s been a while since my last entry.  Let’s see.  I went to a party where I didn’t technically know anybody–okay, there was a person there I had met at my training, and the friend of hers she brought along to help us clean up a creek here in town, but that’s it–and it was awkward.  Then tonight I went to the Green Party open house–another party, but I know more people there, and I know them better, so not nearly as awkward.  I still had a few times where I was growing anxious.  I just found a place to sit down, then. 

Other things I have done:  I made brownies.  I got diagnosed with a torn meniscus in my knee, scheduled a surgery, rescheduled it, bought insurance, rescheduled the surgery again, aced a couple of finals, did okay on one, and missed the fourth–Dafuq??? I never check my pellissippi webmail, because I have to use microsoft outlook, which I hate with a firey burning passion, and so I did not find out until Wednesday that the final was on Monday instead of our usual class time.  Whatever.  Crazily, I may still have passed that class.  It’ll impact my GPA, maybe, but I didn’t stop me from graduating this week.  Today’s the official day.  There was a ceremony and everything.  I didn’t bother to attend, though.  I’m the only blood in town, and I’ve only just barely got friends nowadays.  It probably means less since I spent seven years on a two-year degree.  So my first major accomplishment will go unheralded. 



I should really make sure and pretend not to care.  I guess it’s just part of a wider pattern.  I’m not connected to people.  It all still makes me feel really lonely.  That makes me feel vulnerable.  Christ, 2011 was a bad year.  But it was the end of the beginning.  So.  Here we go.  It takes me a long time to warm up to people. 

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  1. Hey…congratulations. It may not mean much, coming from a vague internet contact…but still. 🙂

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