Crazy damn ride

Oh yes.  My Saturday was absolutely insane.  Evidently I still don’t know how to handle game day traffic, because it was awful on the way down to improv (yeah, I’m now taking a free improv class downtown every Saturday).  I took Northshore, and got just stopped from making it through a yellow light by some idiot who doesn’t know how to use the accelerator.  After the third time of sitting at the same red light, I stupidly got onto the interstate.  Barely moving.  I got right off at the first exit available, and had a clear run downtown from there.  So far so good.  First victory over football.

Got to improv a bit late, of course, but there was no helping that once I was on the interstate.  We did some fun scene work in showing emotions.  We also had a new guy who I swear looks like a psychiatrist.  I think you’d have to see him yourself  to know what I’m talking about.  And of course I look like a patient, so that was the scene we did together, haha.  He and I stayed after along with my friend from the Green Party (who had first invited me) and we had a long discussion about philosophy.  It was fun stuff but he had to buzz away after awhile, so me and GP sat there a while blathering, and I got around to putting up a flyer on their bulletin board.  One of the guys who works there at the Birdhouse noticed us talking about it, and offered to have another flyer up in the window, and he also made a facebook event for it and invited everyone who likes their facebook page.  After that, GP and I went over to another place called Groundswell and put one up (I asked her over there to make me look like I’m not crazy, and it’s on the way to her house so, fine).  After that, it was time for pizza.  And the next epic battle began.

I decided to take Henley to Clinch, even though all the other left turns were blocked.  That was a big mistake.  As soon as I turned onto Clinch street–and it was totally too late to turn around, and there was no room for a u-turn–then I saw the sign stating that the road was closed.  Before, it had been blocked by these dividers whose presence was totally unexplained.  So I had to turn into the parking lot for a local hotel.  It took at least half an hour to get out of there, and I went right back onto Henly, heading back towards Western.  I cleverly circumnavigated Ft Sanders area and came around maybe a few hundred feet from my objective, looking for a place to park.  But before I could reach any businesses, let alone the restaurant, I was directed onto the highway.  So I had to fight another hour’s worth of traffic to get back around to Western, where I parked at a grocery store, and walked there, with my fists clenched and an intense expression on my face.  The press of people leaving the game stepped aside for me as if they were deer.  Why shouldn’t they?  I’m a wolf and I was hungry.  As I got closer to my destination, the people heading to their cars gave way to the immortal “tailgate party,” a phenomenon I’ve never investigated and don’t plan to.  I reached my cross street, headed down to Cumberland, stepped over the vomit of somebody who had obviously eaten chicken, and got in line.  It reached out to the sidewalk, but nothing in the world was going to get between me and my pizza.  Anyway, it moved along much more quickly than I expected, mostly due to patrons of less determined fiber.  Of course there was nowhere inside to sit, so I took my pizza up the hill to a nice bench and watched the sun go down while I ate it.  It tasted like sweet victory.  After that, I headed back to my car, and when I got there I realised I had thrown my keys in a fit of frustration over the traffic, and never recollected them.  So I sat there for another couple of hours as it got dark, waiting for my father to bring me my spare key.  Derp.

By this time, the road had been drained of combattants, and so I headed to the local Unitarian church, which often functions as a community center, to post another flyer.  I did not know if anyone would even be there, and it turned out that there was no staff from the church on hand, but there was a scifi club there who let me in and helped me find a spot to post my flyer.  I was then invited to watch two episodes of Doctor Who, so I decided to join them.  We watched part one of the pilot, actually, then another four-part episode from the eighties.

The whole thing was insanely exhausting and I spent all day Sunday in bed.

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4 Responses to Crazy damn ride

  1. whyzat says:

    I’m exhausted after reading this! I just hate city traffic and avoid all big cities as much as possible. We actually go quite a way out of our way to get around Houston when we drive to Louisiana. It must have the worst traffic in Texas.

    • One thing this has done for me is awakened a new passion for public transportation. I don’t think you’re supposed to have to drive in a city, certainly not a “big” city like everyone considers Knoxville. Knoxville really isn’t that big, but on game day there’s just no driving or parking downtown.

  2. Ah, driving…the more of it I do, the more I know teenagers are crazy for being so excited about it.

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