Well, I’ve come to accept I likely won’t see her again.  My initial connections with people are generally so fuzzy, it’s hard enough to ping their location.  Most people move too fast for me, even the ones who show a little positive interest.  Or maybe I just got too nervous.  Every time I thought about trying to make contact, I’d be squeezed with this huge anxiety.  By the time I did try to make contact again, it had been a few weeks and probably too late to redeem myself.  Or maybe it was happening there in real time as I watched.  I thought something seemed different.  I know I caught some little trickles of negativity.  Didn’t know what they meant.  Maybe that’s what stopped me from making contact.  I think I’ve explored these events to the best of my ability now, and it’s time to move on.

I’ve been put in charge of a pledge of resistance event here in Knoxville that had been adrift for a couple months.  There had been another action lead here in Knoxville, but he bailed, and did not make me cohost of his action.  Finally the national leadership was able to do that, so now I’ve got nineteen people I can contact about a new training.  There’s been two, by the way, both of which had no attendees.  I’m setting up a new event next month, and I will post flyers around along with our new twitter handle and facebook page.  I just need to hear back from my venue (which took a surprisingly long time last time, and most likely crippled my attendance.  I’ve got three conference calls this afternoon now which I’m the only one who can listen to, and I’ll have to play the recordings for anyone who volunteers for the roles they cover.  Well, that’s that then.  At least now, people will have time to get ready for the training and pass the word along to anyone who might be interested. 

Finally, I really wish that the real estate bubble had stayed burst.  They’ve finally begun building houses in an unfinished spur behind my house, after clearing the land years ago then leaving it alone as the topsoil all washed away.  Not that it was nice before, but at least there were some measure of free lifeforms struggling to take root in the depleted soil.  Now, there is a new row of ugly buildings springing up, each with a bright light shining on it, a sure sign of an unoccupied residence that the owners think they can trick burglars into believing is occupied.  Another example of how our system is based on unaccountable waste. 

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  1. We have the same sort of space behind our house. I hope it will stay like that a while longer though…they haven’t put in streets or anything yet.

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