Oh crap, I have to explain why I didn’t go to the party. 

How do I explain sitting calmly in a bar, but freaking out and running away when I hear a beer can open behind a closed door?  And wouldn’t he feel bad to know I’d knocked twice without him hearing me?  And it doesn’t help that it did take me a while to find the street numbers.  And I don’t want people to start treating me tenderly.  I’d be very irritated at that. 

The topic at the next party meeting will be marijuana legalization.  Which I’m not even sure I want, I just don’t think this war on drugs should be allowed to keep eroding our fourth, fifth, and eighth amendment rights.  Not that it’s the only threat to those things (cough, NSA, cough cough) but the idea that drugs in general are no problem is just ridiculous.  I’ve lived the problem first-hand.  Oh, and alcohol is entirely legal, but it’s still subject to three-strikes laws (DUI, DWI, etc.) which inherently contain mandatory minimum sentencing.  Next time for me, I go away forever. 

I must walk the dog now.

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