School semester.

It has begun again.  This may be my last semester at Pellissippi.  At the end of fall, I will have an associates of Foreign Language.  I plan to end up at UT in the environmental studies program.  Maybe, heh. 

I may have mentioned, I’m enrolled in French, Calculus I, and Political Science.  I’ve also signed up for a service learning class that only meets on Wednesday mornings.  Since this is the second week, I’ve been to that class twice now.  Tomorrow, I will be meeting with the prof to discuss what kind of service I’ll be doing.  I saw bear rescue listed in the packet she handed out, so that’s what I jumped on.  Then I had to go through and select a few things that I thought would be practical or something.  Never paid much attention to bears before, but they’re the main predator that still exists around here, and what I’ll most likely be doing is information for the public or something like that. 

The two new forums are up.  Most of my friends have made it there, and I’ve been post-whoring up a storm on one of them.  This got me made a board moderator on that one, and I also just got picked for the first Elder.  I never suspected this of myself, but I’m really enjoying the distinction.  It makes me feel so special, hah. 

Monday sucked, though.  I crashed my car.  Nobody got hurt, but the Event Horizon will not be my vehicle from now on.  For reasons beyond the understanding of mortal man, there is no lot in Knox county we could have gotten the car placed.  So today, my mother and I went to the lot they’d taken it to, which was out in the boonies.  We’re city people, so we’re used to navigating by signs.  It took us a long time to find the lot, and by then the guy had already left to tow an automobile in another state or something.  We finally decided to leave it for another day.  I got a nice sub out of it, at least. 

Damn.  A lot can happen in just a couple of days.

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4 Responses to School semester.

  1. Bear rescue? What does that entail? It sounds interesting…

    • From my end, they’ll need someone to help set up an event coming up, and they also need someone to sort through acorns that people donate to feed the bears. Sometimes they get bad donations. As an organization, they help orphaned or injured bears and educate the public on how to interact with bears. I won’t actually be around any bears, because they need to be kept wild.

  2. Acorn sorting, eh? Although you may never see any of the bears…it’s always good to help animals, even if it does involve channeling your inner squirrel. 🙂

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