I just wanted to say

That I don’t give a shit about the internet right now.  Last week, a forum where I’d been active for many years shut down without any warning.  So now all the active posters have been embroiled in chaos, trying to find all the good friends we’ve made over there, trying to get an alternative set up, venting, and just generally trying to regain our equilibrium.  And now that it seems we’ve mostly gotten it out of our system, people who were not on that forum are trying to extend the drama by complaining about other people complaining.  As if the internet weren’t recursive enough already.  And this is right after the xangapocalypse.  It never rains but it pours. 

Anyway, I’ve got stuff in real life I need to deal with.  There’s a conference call about the KXL Pledge of Resistance coming up tonight at 5:30, and I’ll also be talking to my action coach Friday sometime after two.  I need to get them a nice picture.  Friday morning is a meeting of the campus sustainability committee.  The school semester begins Monday.  And I still need to make a good presentation on Initiative and Referendum.  Bah, I’ve got a draft definition and that’s it.  I can name a handful of states that definitely use it.  Just slightly more actual uses of it.  And that’s it. 

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One Response to I just wanted to say

  1. erikamsteele says:

    It really does suck when a forum closes after years of developing friendships and becoming close to people.

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