So, really fun stuff.  I spent the weekend at my sister’s.  Good to hang out with her for a few days.  She redirected my attention to my car, which needed oil and maintenance as it turned out.  So I have an appointment on Tuesday.  I also need new tires, mostly because I drive like a fucking psycho.  I try to behave, but I’m still so naughty. 

I’ve been listening to Budgie.  I’ve had Metallica covers of two of their songs since for fricken ever, but I’ve only recently begun looking into the origins of that music.  Budgie is not thrash, and it’s no Black Sabbath either, but they have a pretty good sound.  

I’m also reaching into the depths of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation universe.  It’s linked to his Empire and Robots stories, so I’m reading those.  I’ve finished The Caves of Steel and am pretty close to the end of both Robots of Dawn and The Naked Sun.  Still need his Complete Robot collection, which is supposed to be earliest chronologically.  But I’m just popping into McKay’s on my odd trips downtown, so I’m only picking these books up in drips and drabs here.  He is an incredible builder of universes, though. 

So that’s my three things for this entry.  Good night. 

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