I passed Chemistry :D.  I was worried, since I’d done badly on a few tests, but I aced the shit out of the final.  So I turned up a C.  Could be worse. 

And now that I no longer need worry about my Chem grades, I can get to work on my German/French.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it on wordpress, but I have a French textbook written in German, and a German textbook written in French.  Right now, I’m working through the French textbook in German (es heißt Französisch ohne Mühe).  After that, I’ll start on the German textbook in French (L’Allemande sans Peine).  Whew. 

I also did some calling around last week about I&R in Knoxville.  I now need to call first my county commissioner if I want a resolution passed, then the election commission if I want to know the official number of signatures needed.  I’ve estimated that we need 16,000 signatures for an initiative to amend the county charter, and I know of no way to amend statute.  We’ve also recently had a charter convention, which by the terms of our charter must meet every eight years, so there may be some amount of resistance to any new initiative.  To be honest, I’ve been procrastinating on it a little.  Since passing the final, I’ve been dividing my time between videogames and getting distracted on twitter. 

I also found this awesome website.  I’ve been browsing through it, looking at the courses available, but I haven’t had the courage to begin any of them.  Eventually, I may try some of the language or physics courses. 

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