I wonder what it is that makes it so hard for me to sleep.  My sleep schedule has been totally erratic since forever, with a few islands of stability.  Sometimes I’ve managed to create a coherent schedule, but then something knocks it off-kilter and I’m back to my crazy self.  I was this close to sleeping at night and being awake all day.  It was eleven o’clock.  I was right about to go to bed.  But then I decided to check twitter. 

Oh no.  They let him off scot-free.  An unarmed teenager was shot to death, and apparently that’s okay.  The defense’s closing arguments included a picture of the victim with his shirt off.  Stunning.  Twitter was on fire with rallies and protests, countered with victim-blaming.  As if it couldn’t possibly have been Zimmerman’s fault that he shot a boy to death.  Locally the silence has been deafening, although in Chattanooga there were rallies the day of the verdict.  I managed to tear myself away at around four, but it’d thrown me for such a loop that I couldn’t get more than a few broken hours after the sun had already come up.  I finally took my mind off it by studying. 

Which brings me to chemistry.  The summer semester is ending now, so I’ve got my grades hanging over my head.  I made it to a study session yesterday, where I worked on a few concepts I’d been struggling with.  I totally bombed my last test, as well as the one before that.  Now that those concepts have been cleared up, I’ve decided that no one should ever be allowed to study chemistry without first having some serious algebra.  For one thing, variables should not be more than one letter long.  If you must, you can use a subscript, but much the same rules apply; they can be no more than one character in length.  To do otherwise makes things horribly messy, not to mention unpronounceable.  Next, you must never be afraid of negative exponents.  Negative exponents are good.  They save you from cluttering up your equations with unnecessary reciprocals.  See how hard it is to say that?  Just use the negative exponents.  Finally, stop trying to find clever ways not to use logarithms.  There aren’t any.  Just take the goddamn log of it already. 

Now, I’m going to have to get to bed if I’m going to be up by dinnertime.  I wish I were joking. 

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  1. my bf has the same sleep issues, it wouldn’t be a problem but our schedules seem to take away some time from us, I sleep at night, mostly from.11 to 5 am sometimes I still caught him up before my daily stuff and then he goes to sleep, but usually he goes to bed just a lil before I get up 😦

  2. grannyandthebaldguy says:

    I do not sleep well either and am happy to be retired so I can grab a nap during the day. I am not happy about Zimmerman getting off scott free.
    I hope you got some sleep and you fly through your next test and do well.

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